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Exams khatam ..........Naaacho BC !!

Reel : Light , Camera , Action ………Real : Lights , Karma ,Reaction..

 how do I make someone stop existing?

Girls Call me *baby* ...So i never grew up :P :D

Love is that state of mind when a karan johar film becomes bearable :d

''girlfriends are like medicines because they come with expiry date

Never waste ur feeling on me..bcoz i don't care

I don't sing in shower , I perform  

"Dear maths I m tired finding your 'x' dude she is gone ,move on" 

wat i do wen i see sum1 preety ..i stare i smile den wen i get tired i put d mirror down..

I'll marry that girl who looks preety on her aadhar card

Pyar Uska 1000 Ke Note Jaisa___Darr Lagta Hai Ke Nakli Na Ho.

My bestfriend and I will be friends forevaa  because we are too lazy to find new friends!!

Everytime I use a Public transport, I fall in love with a random hot stranger! :)

can u watch it!!!! iam having a conversation right here u jerk