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Which political party should i vote for ?

. Modi ????
Why :

* development in Gujarat
* development in Gujarat
* development in Gujarat
* development in Gujarat
* development in Gujarat

Why Not :

* Guilty in 1984 Sikh Riots where massive amount of innocent people got killed. 
* Guilty in invalid votes and political conspiracy to drop Chief Minister powers from "Keshubhai Patel" in 2001.
* Guilty in 2002 Gujrat Hindutv Riots on Muslim Community. 
* Flushing evidence and killing Suspect for from being Jurisdictions. 
* Says for girls development but no such thing shown in case of his own wife.
* Changing media Records and destroying Live coverages, includes 2002 Television Shut downs and Attacks on NEWS Reporters. 
* Misguiding, Encouraging crowd to Attact on Muslim. ( speech proof : watch a video in YouTube about Gujrat Riots covered by Australian Network) usually most video evidence from India is been deleted long time back. 
* Responsible for killing more than 100000 Innocent people in Gujrat and all over. 
* First community attacks has been Arranged and Declared in India by Modi Sarkar. 
* All IT Sector stocks and other investment is been Controlled and owned by Modi- Illegally. 
* Finally he not even get permission (VISA) to Travel in USA and Other countries as they believe that he is an Legitimate Terrorist and Not good for their peacefull society. 


. Congress - Rahul Gandhi


* nice tv ads
* no development anywhere(except his own)
* har hath lolipop
* making robert vadra more rich by farmer's land.
* Sanskari beta( inspired by aloknath )

Why not:


*List of Scams under Indian National Congress governance:

Insurance Scam

Telecom scam (Sukh Ram)

HDW Submarine

Bitumen scam

Tansi land deal

Securities Scam

JMM Bribery Scandal

St Kitts case

Urea scam

CRB Scam

Anantnag transport scam

1971 Nagarwala scandal

Fooder scam

Churhat lottery scam

Bofors Scandal (1990)

Animal Husbandry Case (1990)

Bombay Stock Exchange Fraud

Hawala scandal (1993)

Bangalore-Mysore Corridor (1995)

Sukh Ram (1996)

Fodder Scam in Bihar (1996)

Kerala SNC Lavalin power scandal(97)

Home Trade

Ketan Parekh Scandal,

Barak Missile Deal Scandal,

Tehelka Scandal (2001)

UTI Scam

Taj corridor case (2002–2003)

Telgi scandal (2003)

DSQ Software

IPO Scam- karvy

Oil-for-food programme scam (Natwar) (05)

Human Trafficking Scam (Babubhai Katara)

Cash-for-votes scandal

Satyam scandal

2G Spectrum- 2008

Madhu Koda, laundering money Rs. 4000 Cr



. AAP - Arvind Kejriwal


What he did in 49 days 

Dec 28: Arvind Kejriwal takes oath as chief minister with six ministers at Ramlila Maidan.
Jan 2: AAP government wins trust vote.
Jan 3: AAP MLA MS Dhir elected Assembly Speaker.
Jan 5: Shoaib Iqbal threatens to withdraw support over Kumar Vishwas’ remarks against minority community.
Jan 17: AAP puts rebel MLA Vinod Kumar Binny on notice.
Jan 24: Cong to carry out referendum on pulling plug on AAP govt after LS polls.
Jan 26: Binny expelled from AAP for anti-party activities.
Jan 27: Binny wraps up dharna against AAP within four hours.
Feb 2: Binny threatens to withdraw support.
Feb 10: Independent MLA Rambir Shokeen withdraws support.


Dec 29: Delhi Jal Board chief transferred.
Dec 30: 700 litres of free water announced for households with regular water connection.
Dec 31: 50% power subsidy for those consuming up to 400 units.
Jan 1: CAG audit of power discoms ordered.
Jan 6: L-G backs CAG audit.
Jan 10: Helpline to report power cuts.
Jan 31: Govt threatens to cancel discom licences over outages.
Feb 3: DERC asked to cancel licences of discoms.


Jan 6: 800 DJB employees transferred.
Jan 8: Anti-corruption help line announced, launched on Jan 13.
Feb 6: Fresh probe in Commomwealth Games’ street light project.
Feb 7: Probe into fi nancial irregularities in construction of Salimgarh Bypass.
Feb 10: Probe in three DJB ‘scams’.


Jan 4: Quota for Delhi students in DU colleges promised.
Jan 5: AAP volunteers take rounds of government hospitals to take stock of facilities.
Jan 7: Nursery admission helpline announced.
Jan 8: Infrastructure audit of government schools started.


Dec 28: Nine officials transferred, red beacons banned.
Jan 15: Govt says will remove Millennium Depot from Yamuna riverbed.
Jan 18: CM requests L-G to replace fi ve senior ACB offi cials.
Jan 23: Eight senior Delhi government offi cials transferred.
Jan 28: CAG audit of DIMTS (it operates the BRT in Delhi) ordered.
Jan 29: Govt seeks SIT probe into 1984 anti-Sikh riots.
Feb 2: Govt plans to do away with MLA fund.
Feb 3: Cabinet clears Delhi Lokpal Bill.
Feb 4: Kejriwal promises to include Northeast history in school texts.
Feb 9: Govt plans to scrap the Bhagidari scheme.
Feb 12: Cabinet approves decision to hold special assembly session in a stadium.
Feb 13: Govt fails to table Jan Lokpal Bill in assembly, blames BJP and Cong for disruption

Why not :

* sits on dharna
* wears topi
* do not axcept his own security
* brings out scam like : reliance electricity scam ,etc
* uses jhaadu


Choice is yours
Vote is yours...
Your vote CAN make a difference.
Please VOTE 



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